The story of Snap, Snap, Go!

Snap, Snap, Go! started out as a picture scavenger hunt game. A small group of friends got togther and build the idea in two weekends, using the Techstars office and ordering in some tasty Thai food. We finished the orignal idea in the spring of 2012 and tested it out with a small group of friends. Unfortunately, even though everyone loved the idea on paper, somehting just wasn't right with the game, and we put it out to pasture in Github.

Fast-forward to 2013 and three of us were looking for a new project to work on. We've all been around the NYC startup scene for the last couple of years, and finally our schedules lined up. We remembered the scavenger hunt game and how it wasn't quite right, so we decided we should try to fix it. Instead of playing with groups of friends and trying to be the first one to snap a picture of something, you now have to use your wits or sense of humor to find answers to a few silly prompts. If you like games like Cards Against Humanity, or Apples to Apples, we think you'll love Snap, Snap, Go!

Here's more info about us:

Geoff Stearns
Geoff has been building internet things for over 10 years. He started building Flash websites for a couple of NYC web design and development shops, and wrote a really popular utility called SWFObject that is used by just about anyone using Flash. He then went to work at YouTube, where he was the tech lead of the video player team for a few years before moving back to NYC to try his hand in the world of startups.

Ajay Chainani
Ajay is our iOS developer. He brings experience from wall street and was also a Hackstar at last summer's Techstar program, and has worked with a few of New York's startups.

Brian Pelayo
Brian is our awesome designer. His experience includes work as a Hackstar, working with some of New York's newest startups in the Techstars program, and various other projects with other companies around the city.

Octavian Costache, Tal Safran, and Andrew Bonventre also contributed early on.

Send us your thoughts on the game, or send us challenge ideas, or just say 'hi':